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I just found this game and had to download it for future updates. I’m 100% in love here and can’t wait for an update hopefully in 2023. More donations when the time comes!! I have you bookmarked. 

I'm excited to see more, although kinda sad you probably won't be updating it until like at least mid-2023 with the schedule for Defending Lydia Collier


Just finish this game, it's been a fun ride. I kinda feel bad for Jane, but also can't decide between the other girls and holy smokes, there are so many girls with personalities I like. I didn't realize it's the same team that created defending lydia.


Shadows over Manston will be resumed and completed after Defending Lydia Collier is completed and the final content update (v.0.16) is released.

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RATING (max is 100)

1. Graphic

2. Female characters

3. Plot

4. Mechanics

5. Sex








This is one of my favourite games (9th in my rating). I really hope it will be continued. 

You may vie my full VN rating here:


Will you continue the development of the game or not?


Yes, however this will not be until Defending Lydia Collier is complete and that game has approximately 6 major updates remaining.


Okay, thank you very much for responding.

Is there any walkthrough of sorts, it’s a little confusing with all the optional scenes and I can’t seem to understand which choices will give me the most scenes or are the ‘correct’ choices


is the MC male ? I would love to lay a game with a female cop.. but male cops bore me  lol

MC is Male