v.017 Released!

Version v.017 of the game has now been released and it has also been renamed.


 - Added a lot of new variables to give short and long term consequences; 

Previously Flag 1 would enable Flag 2 which would enable Flag 3 etc. Now in addition to this there are persistent stats so if you are going after Character A, get Flag 1, there are some ways to recover if you miss Flag 2. (This required a huge amount of learning for me as a complete novice with code and took a lot, lot more of my time for this update than usual)

- New scene with Dusk at the party

- New renders with Mercedes

- Two new scenes with Wife

- Additional renders throughout Day 6


ShadowsOverManston-v.017-win.zip 780 MB
Apr 13, 2019
ShadowsOverManston-v.017-mac.zip 779 MB
Apr 13, 2019
ShadowsOverManston-v.017-linux.tar.bz2 778 MB
Apr 13, 2019

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